10,000 Hours

“deliberate practice” which involves constantly pushing oneself beyond one’s comfort zone, following training activities designed by an expert to develop specific abilities, and using feedback to identify weaknesses and work on them — and any sort of activity that might be labeled “practice.” 10,000 hours


$ARRY Tauatrader 19/05/2016 11:02 AM Tons enough liquidity in this one. Shorted for 2.5% could have had 3% lesson here was just go with the 3% rather than try for too much ie do not get greedy even though the data flow looked good in my  direction the bounce off 3.00  was supported by algos … More $ARRY


$GALT 17/05/2016 10:28 AM $GALT Missed the trade because  i was second guessing it . Been  listening to  linda radske and it made me put too much emphasos on so  context so I got a belief the that  the market was strong and probably would  not be a fizz trade so  any way I did … More $GALT


traded today for 4% profit very well done trade at the open first 5mins. using order flow works great. well done! Harvey: the picture  is after 4 mins I did not get in at the open straight away I made a mistake and had to reenter the number of shares hence delayed then the stock … More $AMCN