Trading Journal for Tauatrader. 10 July 2015

Trading Journal for Tauatrader.
Just click on the link and it will open the file with the journal on it. I have done it this way to save time  for me so I can focus on trading not writing.

Trading Journal 10 July 2015 KRONE

Trading Journal
Trading Journal

5 thoughts on “Trading Journal for Tauatrader. 10 July 2015

  1. Hello
    I was looking for a way to record emotion in trading and I found your little report

    Can I ask if you can, discuss a little bit on how you use it or give me some hint on where I could get some knowledge about it.

    Montreal, Canada
    P.S. Excuse my English, more fluent in French

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    1. Another way to record emotion which I have found incredibly effective is to video record all trading- not so good if you swing trade but could still be useful. I day trade so vids are usually about 2 hours long. Anyway you can record your emotions as you go along. Try it it works! I use BB Flash back and it is free and works well.

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  2. Thanks for your reply Mr Theriault, I actually got this from Rich Friesen He is a proven successful trader and trading psychology expert. The link I have given is not the details of what I have put up but if you follow through with looking at his free videos he has put up you should come across the details of the above sheets I use. I have found his work to be excellent. I have not done his course but have picked up on his free stuff.
    If you need more info just reach out again and I will do what I can.

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  3. Thanks for the link. Will visit the site.
    Did not installed a camera on my homebuild PC, But it could be a good idea

    Have to find a way to categorised the type of emotion and mistake that I have and your little table seem to correspond to what I want

    mtheriault2000 “/at/” yahoo ” . ” ca


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