traded today for 4% profit very well done trade at the open first 5mins.

using order flow works great.

well done!

the picture  is after 4 mins I did not get in at the open straight away I made a mistake and had to reenter the number of shares hence delayed then the stock was going up and I saw this so I waited a bit  so it was a short squeeze it squeezed 5% which is around the normal amount up to about 8% so this needs to be another part of the strategy I guess.
I entered later so got a better price and got 4% but should have aimed higher mabey. Notice the grey absorbtion marked out on the chart
Normal fizzle


One thought on “$AMCN

  1. I traded AMCN a few times last year on the short time. It’s a great symbol to trade. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am glad you were able to make use of the information there. All the best in your blogging and trading.



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