17/05/2016 10:28 AM
Missed the trade because  i was second guessing it . Been  listening to  linda radske and it made me put too much emphasos on so  context so I got a belief the that  the market was strong and probably would  not be a fizz trade so  any way I did not take it.
 Also up in my account and was like I wanted to keep that profit and not give back – fear again.
 turned out to be a classic tight trade with low liquidity.
I was also looking at the below screen and for some reason did not believe what the data was showing or I second guessed instead of pulling the trigger properly and imediately and without hesitation once hesitated seemed i did not recover was obviously too much fear as per above.
And then sold off more.
Missed out on 3% so this was  a trading error.


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